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Article: The "TATUM" series uses high-quality European nubuck, allowing you to enjoy the changes that occur over time.


The "TATUM" series uses high-quality European nubuck, allowing you to enjoy the changes that occur over time.

About the TATUM series
Since the brand CRONY was founded, this series has been a popular classic for both men and women.
The material used is nubuck from Portugal.
The nubuck used is smooth to the touch and has a moist texture.
It is also a material that you can enjoy as it changes over time.

The TATUM series is simple yet has a great atmosphere, and can be worn for a long time by both men and women as an accessory.

The most popular item in the series is the HALF ZIP WALLET.

This is recommended for those who want a smaller wallet but still want storage space.

This is a popular L-shaped zipper mini wallet for both men and women.
You can store coins, cards, and even folded bills.
It can be carried in a jacket or trouser pocket without bulking up, giving it a smart and stylish impression.
Click here for the HALF ZIP WALLET product page

◼️ MINI WALLET / Mini wallet that can be used for various purposes

This mini wallet is palm-sized and has an impressive rounded shape.

In addition to using it as a wallet, it can also be used as a pouch to store small items such as earphones and lip balm.
It is convenient to store small cables together.
Of course, it can also be used as a mini wallet.
It has a large capacity despite its appearance.
There are two inner pockets, one on the front and one on the back.
It can be used as a divider when storing cards or folded bills.
Click here for the MINI WALLET product page

A fashionable and popular drawstring shoulder bag that can be carried like an accessory.
KINCHAKU SHOULDER can be used as a mini shoulder bag or as a hand bag.

Even though it is not a drawstring bag, it has a stylish design and can be easily used with a variety of fashions.
The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted by changing the position of the knot in the string.

There is one inner pocket inside, which can hold enough small items for a quick outing, such as a smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, and earphones.

We recommend the KINCHAKU SHOULDER, which can be worn by both men and women to add a little accent to your everyday fashion .

Click here for the KINCHAKU SHOULDER product page


This mini shoulder bag can hold only the bare necessities, such as a smartphone, compact wallet, and pass case.

It is also recommended as a sub-bag for "quick trips to the convenience store" or for walking around town while traveling.
Of course, it can be used by both men and women, as a unisex item.

The design includes one front pocket.
The shoulder length can be freely adjusted by knotting the string.
The SMARTPHONE POUCH is highly recommended as it is very convenient and will add an accent to your fashion.

Click here for the SMARTPHONE POUCH product page


"Recommended for those who want a wallet large enough to hold only the bare necessities."

It's thin and lightweight, so it won't take up much space even if you put it in your jacket breast pocket.
It's easy to use and won't get in the way even if you put it in the inside pocket of your bag.

There are three card shelves.

There is a coin purse on the back which can hold enough coins for everyday use.
There is a divider and pocket between the card holder and coin case. You can use the divider to store receipts and bills, and the middle pocket is convenient for storing folded bills in thirds.
This one item is sufficient as a wallet.
Recommended for those looking for a mini wallet.

Click here for the MULTI WALLET product page


◼️The new compact wallet, a mini wallet the size of a business card, has been revived

It's a fairly compact wallet, so it won't get in the way even if you put it in a small bag.


This is what it looks like when you actually put the contents inside.

The coin purse has excellent capacity, but is also easy to take coins in and out.

Bills can be folded into thirds and stored in the card holder.

The cards are stored together, and it seems like it would be just right to hold 2 to 3 cards in one place.

It is also recommended as a sub-wallet separate from your main wallet.
Click here for the NEW COMPACT WALLET product page

◼️NEW MIDDLE WALLET, a large-capacity bi-fold wallet that has also been revived

This wallet, which was popular among women when it was first released, is also making a comeback.

It is like a larger version of the NEW COMPACT WALLET we introduced earlier.

Large capacity coin purse.
Putting in about 20 coins won't cause any problems.

The coin purse has a flap to prevent the contents from falling out.
The compact wallet mentioned earlier is made in a similar way.

It seems best to put in 2-3 cards at a time.

The biggest difference between this and a compact wallet is that it has a bill compartment so you can store bills without having to carry them around.

This NEW MIDDLE WALLET is recommended for those who want to carry a certain amount of bills and coins.
Click here for the NEW MIDDLE WALLET product page

Finally, let's compare the NEW COMPACT WALLET and the NEW MIDDLE WALLET.

◼️A rare mini shoulder bag: CYLINDER SHOULDER

This mini shoulder bag is based on the design motif of the cylinders found in the school science lab.
It's a fairly compact design, so you can imagine putting only the bare necessities in it, such as a mini wallet and a smartphone.

The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted to your liking by changing the position of the knot.

The CYLINDER SHOULDER is only available in black and grey.

It might look cute if you pair it with a yukata.
Click here for the CYLINDER SHOULDER product page

Click here for the TATUM series

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