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Article: The "SIBILLA" series by Tempesti, a long-established Italian tannery, offers the ultimate aging experience.


The "SIBILLA" series by Tempesti, a long-established Italian tannery, offers the ultimate aging experience.

This time, we would like to introduce three particularly popular models from the "SIBILLA series," which is popular with both men and women .

What is "SIBILLA"?
The leather is from TEMPESTI, a vegetable tannery located in Ponte a Egola in the Santa Croce district of Tuscany, Italy.
The rawhide used is from adult cattle raised in the cold regions of Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, which is known for producing the highest quality leather.
Leather native to Northern Europe is fine-grained and rich in oil, which gives it excellent durability and beautiful appearance.
With an eye on environmental protection, the tanning agents used are made from surplus wood used in furniture and paper manufacturing.
A moderate amount of oil and fat has been added, making it lightweight, supple, and flexible, but it still retains the original firmness and stiffness of tanned leather, giving it an appealing, exquisite texture.
It has a natural, transparent dyeing process that is usually difficult to reproduce with tannin-tanned leather, allowing you to enjoy both the beautiful color and the original feel of the leather.
The white wax processing gives the leather a light, soft feel and a vintage look.
The wax on the surface creates a unique texture, and as you use it, the wax comes off through friction and sinks into the leather, allowing you to enjoy the changes that occur over time to create a transparent, amber-colored product.
If you compare a used one with a new one, there is quite a difference.
(Left: Used for about 10 months, Right: Brand new)
You can enjoy the aging that gives it an antique feel.

Now let's introduce the three most popular types.
First up is the "LONG ROUND ZIP WALLET" which has outstanding capacity.

Even though we live in a cashless age, there are still many people who prefer cash.

With this much capacity, you may need to store receipts for work, or you may end up with coins or receipts.
It's okay even if the number increases.

The zipper of the coin purse extends to the outside, allowing it to open wide and make it easy to take out coins.

Furthermore, adding a divider with pockets makes it much easier to organize the contents.

It looks simple but the contents are functional.
(Size comparison with iPhone 13 mini ↓)

Click here for the LONG ROUND ZIP WALLET product page

Next up is the TRI-FOLD WALLET, which exudes a rugged masculinity.

It is a sturdy, thick tri-fold type with plenty of storage capacity.
I think that because of its plump shape, it would look cute even if a woman carried it.

There are 7 card shelves and 4 free pockets, so you can store items in detail.

The free pocket is convenient for storing cards that you don't use often.

The coin purse is box-shaped and has a large capacity.
The size is perfect for people who are not good at using small change and tend to accumulate them.

The billfold has a divider, so you can keep your receipts and bills organized.

Receipts, which tend to be stored in a messy manner, can be kept neatly organized if there are dividers.
(Size comparison with iPhone 13 mini ↓)

Click here for the TRI-FOLD WALLET product page

Next up is the "MIDDLE WALLET," a mid-sized round zipper wallet that you've never seen before.

A mid-wallet that is somewhere between a long wallet and a bifold wallet.
This round zipper type middle wallet is surprisingly rare, but it has a decent capacity, looks neat, and is easy to use.

Cards can also be stored in the coin purse lid.

There are three free pockets, which are great for storing things you don't want others to see when you open your wallet, such as your driver's license or insurance card.

The billfold has a divider and one side is not sewn, making it easy to take bills in and out.

The box-shaped coin purse is large-capacity and easy to access.

It has enough capacity for cards, coins, and bills, so it is also recommended for those who want to switch from a long wallet to a smaller wallet.
A MIDDLE WALLET that exudes a certain femininity.
It's sized to fit in denim pants, and is easy to use even for those who normally carry it in their pocket.
(Size comparison with iPhone 13 mini ↓)

MIDDLE WALLET product page

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