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Article: The "ZAZACLOTH" series is characterized by its gentle texture and color, which are the result of the careful attention to detail of Japanese craftsmen.


The "ZAZACLOTH" series is characterized by its gentle texture and color, which are the result of the careful attention to detail of Japanese craftsmen.

What is "ZAZA CLOTH"?
The fabric is dyed by hand by skilled artisans, and then dried in the sun, taking advantage of the strong winds that are unique to the Enshu region, known as the "Enshu no Karakaze," and plenty of sunlight.
Without applying any mechanical pressure or tension to the fabric, we spend a long time refining and dyeing it, and then dry it in the sun to bring out its natural look.
Enjoy the deep flavor of sun-dried fish.
It also features a gentle texture and color that is not found in imported fabrics.

◼️KINCHAKU TOTE Drawstring tote

This is the most popular style for both men and women.

The KINCHAKU TOTE is a drawstring bag with a distinctive rounded shape. When you tighten the drawstring on the side, it becomes a drawstring bag.

If it is left as is, it can be used as a tote bag.

It comes in two sizes, S and M, and has an inside pocket.
It can also store small items such as smartphones, key cases, pass cases, and earphones.
The S size is a convenient size for taking a quick trip to the convenience store or going out with your camera to take some snapshots.
It's also recommended for cafe hopping.

The M size is large enough to hold A4 size documents, so you can store outerwear such as shirts and cardigans in it in early spring and early autumn.
It can also be used to store shopping bags, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

When you actually hold them and compare them, you can see that they are quite different in size.

Drawstring bag S

Drawstring bag M

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This is a classic shoulder bag with a simple design that can be used with a wide range of fashion styles.

It can easily fit A4 size documents, making it useful for a wide range of purposes, from everyday use to commuting to school.
There is a zippered pocket on the inside
It is convenient for storing valuables and other items that you don't want to lose.
The opening has a button so it can be fastened securely at the top.

Here I have a B5-sized notebook, a 13.5-inch laptop, a bottle and a smartphone in it, but there is still plenty of room to fit other items.
You can even fold up thin jackets and coats and store them away when you take them with you.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted by changing where you tie it and the length. You can try changing the length to suit your mood, such as making it a one-shoulder bag by shortening it as shown in the image below, or wearing it diagonally by lengthening it.

This bag is recommended for people who tend to carry a lot of luggage.
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This is a convenient bag that can be used in two ways: as a shoulder bag or a tote bag.

The HANDLE BAG M is large enough to comfortably fit A4 size documents and a 13.5-inch MacBook Pro.

It is large enough to hold a 500ml plastic bottle or A5 size.
HANDLE BAG S can be used not only for everyday use, but also as a sub-bag for walking around town when traveling.

The shoulder length of both the M and S sizes can be easily adjusted.
We recommend buying different sizes as a pair, or as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions.

Click here for the HANDLE BAG S product page
Click here for the HANDLE BAG M product page

◼️KINCHAKU SHOULDER / Drawstring shoulder bag (2024SS NEW)

This is a shoulder-style drawstring bag, a popular staple in the ZAZA CLOTH series.
This is a new product for Spring/Summer 2024.
If you tighten the cord at the top it becomes a drawstring bag, but if you leave it as is you can use it as a regular shoulder bag.

This item also has a texture and design that goes well with spring and summer outfits, so please consider purchasing it now.

Click here for the KINCHAKU SHOULDER product page

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