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Article: The "MIKAGE" series uses soft leather that imitates real granite, a specialty of Hyogo Prefecture.


The "MIKAGE" series uses soft leather that imitates real granite, a specialty of Hyogo Prefecture.


About the MIKAGE series

It is characterized by a "stone-like appearance" and "soft texture," and uses a hand spray that has been specially adjusted for "MIKAGE."

Material Up

The MIKAGE series is made with care, with each piece hand-blown by a craftsman.
All products are made in Japan for your peace of mind.

◼️KINCHAKU SHOULDER - a must-have for any outfit
KINCHAKU SHOULDER ¥22,000 including tax

KINCHAKU SHOULDER can be used as a mini shoulder bag or as a hand bag.




Even though it is not a drawstring bag, it has a stylish design and can be easily used with a variety of fashions.



The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted by changing the position of the knot in the string.

Length adjustment

There is one inner pocket inside, which can hold a smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, earphones, etc.
It can hold enough small items for a quick outing.

Image of when something is put in

Even though the bag is small, the spray finish makes it impactful enough to become a focal point of your outfit.

We recommend the KINCHAKU SHOULDER, which can be the focal point of your outfit.
Click here for the KINCHAKU SHOULDER product page
◼️HALF ZIP WALLET, popular with both men and women
HALF ZIP WALLET SMALL ¥12,100 incl. tax

This is an L-shaped zipper type wallet, which is very popular in the TATUM series.

This is a popular L-shaped zipper mini wallet for both men and women.
You can store coins, cards, and even folded bills.

It can be carried in a jacket or trouser pocket without bulking up, giving it a smart and stylish impression.

Image in pocket

This bag, commonly known as "L Fast," has just the right amount of storage space while still being smart, and has long been popular with many loyal fans.

Please consider it.
Click here for the HALF ZIP WALLET SMALL product page
◼️Recommended for those who prefer large capacity wallets: HALF ZIP WALLET LARGE
HALF ZIP WALLET LARGE ¥19,800 incl. tax

This is the long version of the L-shaped zipper.

This is a large-capacity, smart long wallet that looks sleek and doesn't have the weight that is typical of long wallets.
Its shape makes it easy to store in your bag without it getting in the way.
The inner billfold pocket has been gusseted to make it easier to see and take out bills, receipts, etc.
It can store up to 12 cards.

When the contents are inserted

Image of a wallet

You can store not only bills but also receipts and invoices in the billfold.

It is easy to use and yet smart.

Click here for the HALF ZIP WALLET LARGE product page
◼️ MINI WALLET / Mini wallet that can be used for various purposes
MINI WALLET ¥8,800 including tax

This mini wallet is palm-sized and has an impressive rounded shape.

In addition to using it as a wallet, it can also be used as a pouch to store small items such as earphones and lip balm.
It is convenient to store small cables together.

Image of small items being placed

Of course, it can also be used as a mini wallet.
It has a large capacity despite its appearance.
There are two inner pockets, one on the front and one on the back.
It can be used as a divider when storing cards or folded bills.

Image showing contents

This wallet is also recommended as a gift.
Click here for the MINI WALLET product page


◼️Short wallet, a small wallet the size of a business card
SHORT WALLET ¥18,700 incl. tax

This mini wallet is so compact that you might think it's a business card holder.

The cards are stored together in one compartment, and I think 3 to 4 cards is the perfect number to store in each compartment .

Bills can be stored in the card compartment if folded in half or in thirds.

It has more capacity for storing coins than it looks, so even if you end up with a certain amount of coins, you can still store them away.

Inside were all these bills, cards and coins.

This is what it looks like when closed with the contents inside. It doesn't look like it's bulging at all.
It's the perfect size for when you go out with a small bag.
Click here for the SHORT WALLET product page

◼️Mini round zip wallet with a smart look and a round zipper
MINI ROUND ZIP WALLET ¥19,800 incl. tax

This bi-fold wallet fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it easy for women to use.

There are only two card slots, but each one can hold up to two cards.
However, there is a free pocket on the back of the coin purse on the other side, so you can store cards, your driver's license, etc. in this area.

The coin purse is a box type, so it can hold a lot of coins.

The billfold has a divider, so

It's convenient for separating bills and storing receipts and invoices.

Even with all this inside, it's smart because it can be zipped up at the end.

Be careful not to put in too much.

Click here for the MINI ROUND ZIP WALLET product page

◼️One shoulder bag that is easy to use because of its simplicity
ONE SHOULDER BAG ¥39,600 incl. tax

This bag is easy to use and can comfortably store A4 size items.

There are three pockets inside.
Separate pockets for storing your smartphone and wallet

A pocket where you can store various small items together or a notebook, etc.

It can store quite a lot of luggage.

This is what it looks like inside.
Using pouches etc. will allow you to organize and store things well.

The opening is wide, making it easy to take things in and out.

The bag itself is lightweight, so it's perfect for short trips.

Why not stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching bag?
Click here for the ONE SHOULDER BAG product page

◼️A NECK WALLET perfect for those "quick trips"
NECK WALLET ¥6,600 incl. tax

Have you ever gone out and wished you didn't have to carry cash with you and just used a card?
This minimalist wallet is perfect for such occasions.

There is a partition inside, and the partition is also made using MIKAGE.

It fits just the size of a credit card.
If you put your parking ticket in it, you can easily take it out when you need it.

Of course, you can also put coins in it.

As a subtle accent

It's perfect for when you want to get out casually and easily.

It is also recommended as a gift, so please consider it.
Click here for the NECK WALLET product page

MIKAGE series available here

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