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Article: The "HYBRID LINEN" series allows you to enjoy the texture of both linen and wool.

リネンとウール両方の素材感を楽しめる『HYBRID LINEN』シリーズ。

The "HYBRID LINEN" series allows you to enjoy the texture of both linen and wool.

Linen/WoolThis series uses a blend of linen and wool yarns, giving you the best of both worlds: the firmness of linen and the softness of wool.
The fabric itself is of a moderate thickness and has a vintage feel.
This fabric has been specially dyed with natural dyes by hand-dyeing artisans who have worked on hand towels and furoshiki, making full use of their techniques to apply to modern materials.
This fabric is carefully crafted over a long period of time, with each roll being carefully crafted without changing the feel of the raw cloth (kibata).


It can be used as both a tote and a backpack.

Tighten the top cord to turn it into a knapsack

If you don't tighten the cord, you can use it as a tote.
There is also a zippered pocket on the front which is convenient for storing small items.

The silver zipper and leather puller are nice accents.

It would be a good idea to use the inside pocket to store small items that you don't want to drop.

This bag is recommended for those looking for a slightly different backpack.

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Small size
Medium size

This flap shoulder bag is highly versatile and can be easily matched with a variety of fashions.

The shape and texture of the fabric create a nice atmosphere even when paired with vintage clothing.

The shoulder length can be adjusted by changing the position of the knot.
The lack of metal fittings contributes to weight reduction.

There is also a pocket on the inside.
For storing small items such as pass cases and key cases.

It's easy to incorporate into any outfit for both men and women, so it would also make a great gift.

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A newspaper bag based on the American newspaper delivery bag from around 1900.

This shoulder bag is perfect for carrying a lot of luggage.

There is one pocket on the inside.

There are two snap buttons at the opening for added security.

The shoulder straps are thick, so even if the luggage is a little heavy, it doesn't hurt.

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This tote bag has a round shape and a feminine feel.

The handle is just long enough to hang from your shoulder.

This also has one pocket on the inside.

The handle is folded over and sewn so it fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold.

This bag alone can be a fashion focal point, so it is recommended for those who want to stand out with their accessories.

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What did you think.
This series can be used not only in spring and summer but also all year round as it has a wool texture.
Please consider it.

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